But one Democrat said President Biden is for once showing the fire he needs to beat former President Trump in a general election.
In recent months President Joe Biden has stepped up the rhetoric against former President Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” base, blaming Trump for the failure of a bipartisan immigration bill and comparing MAGA to Confederate insurrections—even going so far as declaring “Trump and his MAGA friends are determined to take away your freedoms.”

However, independent and Republican voters are not buying it.

“That [rheotic] is scary, I think this country needs to change.” Ken Seice—an Oklahoma rancher who identifies as an independent—told The Epoch Times. “I’m not a Republican or Democrat either way, I’m an American and I want to see Americans prosper like they did when I grew up. Maybe I’m too old school in thinking that but we need peace and togetherness in this country and right now we don’t have that.”

Mr. Seice believes that politics is all about power and money and doesn’t believe those in power really are concerned about their constituents.

“It’s a scary time,” he said.

Trump Is Not a Divider: Republican Voter

Almost a week ago at an event in Miami, Florida, President Biden once again took a shot at President Trump and MAGA.

“Trump and his MAGA friends are dividing us, not uniting us; dragging us back into the past, not leading us to the future; refusing to accept the results of a legitimate election; seeking, as Trump did—says, to ’terminate’ elements of the Constitution; embracing political violence—embracing it,” the president said.

But Republican voters like Bob Roberts out of Chicago, Illinois, told The Epoch Times that type of talk from President Biden is verifiably not true and that President Trump is not a divider.

“If you think at Trump and you look at his polls, Mexicans are voting for him, black people are voting for him, people are leaving the Democratic national party and there’s a reason why. The things that he’s promising for minorities are not materializing. Minorities did better under Trump than they did under Biden.”

He goes on to say that he believes the Democratic National Committee is demonizing President Trump.

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